Tortilla de patatas is one of the most typical Spanish foods. It’s one of those dishes you’ll find people eating at all hours of the day (and night!) and something that people make at home and also order out.

But for what is arguably Spain’s national dish, it’s still not too well known outside of Spain. Here in Spain, the most common way to make a tortilla is with potatoes, and here we call it tortilla de patatas.

Some people choose to add onions (my favorite) and then the recipe varies greatly based on how much you cook the eggs (runny, dry, or somewhere in between?) and how you cook and cut the onions and potatoes. Some even add other ingredients like ham and peas– but surprisingly, modifications are less common than you might think!

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While making an incredible tortilla is truly an art, luckily there are plenty of tips to make a delicious tortilla at home.

My top tips are room temperature eggs (good ones please!), and caramelizing the onions you put inside. I like my tortilla cooked medium– not at all runny, but still nice and gooey inside. To make it perfectly every time, I use a small frying pan (the size of one fried egg). So instead of one large tortilla, I make three or four small ones. Works perfectly every time!

Make it: Here is my go-to recipe for Spain’s delicious tortilla de patatas.

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